Nadav Antebi-Gruszka, PhD, MHC-LP

Nadav Antebi-Gruszka.jpg

A therapist’s role is to make you feel comfortable, support you through challenging times, and help you to know yourself better.  In my own path to personal growth, I have learned firsthand about the transformative impact of a strong therapeutic relationship.

My aim is to co-create a meaningful experience with you. My education in mental health counseling (MA), psychology (BA, MA), and public health (PhD) offers me the skills to be a resource to families, couples, and individuals facing various challenges including depression, anxiety, body image, self-esteem, perfectionism, loneliness, social isolation, relationship challenges, and family struggles.

I am passionate about working with diverse communities including LGBTQ+, HIV+, GNC (gender nonconforming), non-binary, sex workers, poly, kink, and other people from diverse sexual and gender experiences.  I am also interested in working with immigrants, international students, and people who have experiences with the foster care system.

Because different challenges require different solutions, I adopt an integrative approach to counseling, and draw from psychodynamic, interpersonal, CBT, feminist, positive psychology, and multicultural approaches to counseling. 

I believe that our well-being is determined by multiple factors, including our past and present experiences, future aspirations, as well as our relationships with others and the society at large. Each person has the answers, and I am hopeful that through this process I will support you to uncover the best answers that work for you.

To learn more or set up an appointment call (646) 770-0535.