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Alcohol and drugs affect people differently. For some, it is easy to control your use. For others, abuse and dependency develops. Because there is no one-size-fits-all approach, we will work with you to design a program and plan that fits your individual needs. 

For those questioning whether you have a problem at all we can explore together the impact of your substance use on your life. You set your own goals for change whether it be altering the frequency of use, reducing the amount you use, or enhancing self-care practices to minimize harm.

For those seeking abstinence we will help you to examine the affects of substance abuse in all aspects of your life, explore common relapse triggers and implement a plan of action for change. For those in recovery we can help you avoid relapse, make healthy choices and work through core issues to support ongoing, long-term recovery. 

We assist all of our clients in strengthening connection to a community and enhance skills in regulating feelings.  We also work with people who have a problematic relationship to food, sex, and relationships. There are many approaches to tackle addiction and we will help you tailor a strategy that works for you.